Us (Fava) is an association of independent professionals committed to spatial solutions and social empowerment. The Fava-association is founded in 2009 and managed by RVDB Urban Planning (Dr. Rob van der Bijl MSc Architecture and Urban Planning).

Time line

June 2018 – Launch of new improved and enlarged website.

July 2016 – SAFE PLACES ( incorporated in

May 2015 – Renée van der Bijl (MSc Political Science) joined She prepares case studies to social inequity (e.g., in Rotterdam (NL) and Paris (FR)) and contributes to content (e.g., the news bulletins).

April 2013 – Start of the multiple Rotterdam project (our high priority ever since)

October 2010 – ‘The City is Home’ released by

January 2010 – Preparation of the first cases and projects.

December 2009 – Foundation of by Pnina Avidar, Rob van der Bijl and Juliette van der Meijden

Contributions to by

Pnina Avidar, Irène Bavencoff, Benikbram, Renée van der Bijl, Rob van der Bijl, Laurent Chambon, Jos Huber, Allard Kleinhuis, Bart Koenen, Lex Koetzier, Jaap Modder, Juliette van der Meijden, Laura Nino, Kazimierz Olszaniecki, Kees Pronk, María Sempere Valdecantos, Tsaiher Cheng, Liesbeth Sluiter, Hugo van der Steenhoven, Arjen van Susteren, and many others.