Covid-19 hits poorer districts

It is becoming increasingly clear that all over the world Covid-19 strikes especially among the poorer population. In various neighbourhoods it is obvious that poor health, low literacy and high-risk work situations, in combination with inadequate access to amenities and medical care, make residents of these districts extremely vulnerable to the virus. For several years the Ciudad Lineal district in Madrid is a case of Since Covid-19, ‘our’ Ciudad Lineal and two other districts (Puente de Vallecas and Usera) are confronted with sever socio-economic problems. These 3 of Madrid’s 21 districts account for 50% of the vulnerable households that receive municipal food aid at home every day.

Based on local sources we used Ciudad Lineal for making a random sample to illustrate the rising poverty related to Covid-19. Already in the first wave of Covid-19, Ciudad Lineal was one of the worst affected districts in Madrid with 1,338 cases / 100,000 inhabitants (April 6). And now, in August when Spain is hit by a second wave, Ciudad Lineal appears to score badly again. With 522 cases / 100,000 inhabitants (August 18), Ciudad Lineal is 1 of the 10 districts in Madrid with the most infections.


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