Cases from Safe Places (

Adopted from: Safe Places (‘’ 1990/1998-2016)

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July 2016 Safe Places ( incorporated in This page provides an overview of some Safe Places projects.


Urban planning and safety; at Vimeo (in Dutch) (2013)

Den Haag, Veiligheid voor alles (2013)  (in Dutch) (2013)

Prinsenhof (regio Haaglanden), schouw/controlelijst (2012) (in Dutch) (2012)

On ‘defensible space’ (2008-2009)

Building social safety – interview (2007)

Private and public safety in Warsaw, Poland (2006)

Bologna’s pieces of art, or violent tags, Italy (2006)

Loss of public space (2004)

Safety is no chewing gum, research/speech, (2003)

About ‘The Citizen’s Handbook’ (2002-2016)

Safe living and Lego (1998-2016)

Precedent-based crime prevention / Predore (1993-2020)

On checklists and handbooks social safety (1991-2016) and Safe Places ( promote a non-technocratic approach to safety. The corresponding cases and projects address safe living, working, playing and being.