Eating or Heating

Charities in the UK warn of rapidly spreading energy poverty and insufficient budget for sufficient and healthy food (hence, food poverty). An increasing number of households are faced with a bizarre choice: eating or heating? The national fuel poverty charity (National Energy Action) reports ‘an estimated 4 million homes in the UK are in the grip of fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes to a temperature that will keep them warm and healthy, or even having to make the impossible decision of heating their home or feeding their children’.
Food banks also point to this increasing problem. For example, the food bank in Milton Keynes reports that the number of households in their region ‘who are either in, or at risk of falling into fuel poverty is at a critical point. At a very basic level this mean far too many people are living in cold, unsafe homes’.

Source: / MK Food Bank

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The MK Food Bank (Milton Keynes, UK) relies entirely on donations of food and money from local schools, churches, businesses, organisations and individuals and every single item or penny given makes a difference. Businesses, Churches and Community Groups can all get involved helping The Food Bank in a variety of ways. Their warehouse and serving centres are manned by volunteers from the local area. Please donate to MK Food Bank or any other food bank in your own area.