Jakarta’s deteriorating environmental conditions

Earlier this year Favas.net started a study into the spatial-urban social aspects of the deteriorating environmental conditions in Jakarta (Indonesia). In particular, we focus on flooding, air pollution and congestion. As a prologue to our investigation, we asked by way of a sample a few residents of Jakarta (mostly young adults and students) for their opinion on the environmental quality of the city. We also asked whether they were happy (senang) to live in Jakarta and whether they had any ideas about what should be done. Most are happy to live and work in Jakarta, but some wonder whether the metropolis is suitable for a very long stay. All respondents point to the problematic air pollution and ubiquitous congestion. All are aware of the risk of flooding. Next year we hope to come up with a first publication. To be continued …

Source: Favas.net
Image graphics: Favas.net

The research is conducted in co-operation with Ghent University (Belgium), Delft University of Technology and magazine Blauwe Kamer (Netherlands).
Special thanks to Raden Aliyya Putri Kusuma.