Lisbon inaccessible for ordinary people

Like many other cities, Lisbon is struggling with an alarming housing shortage, which is mainly caused by the liberalization of housing rental and sales. On top of this mass tourism causes an overall transformation of housing and retail. Ordinary homes are withdrawn from the stock and replaced by all kinds of apartments for tourists. On a working visit this month, noted that the entire central city has gradually become inaccessible to ordinary city dwellers. Not only the famous Alfama district, but also our case Santa Catarina, for example, has been transformed into a tourist domain. The original population can no longer afford housing here and is pushed away to the suburbs. Moreover, ordinary shops have been turned into expensive luxury boutiques and mini markets. This situation is exacerbated by the general erosion of living standards in Portugal. Many people cannot make ends meet anymore. Yesterday (October 21), the social movement Vida Justa (Fair Life) therefore organized a large demonstration in Lisbon.



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