Oxfam reports on greater inequality

This month Oxfam published its report ‘INEQUALITY INC. How corporate power divides our world and the need for a new era of public action’. Bernie Sanders wrote a sharp and pointed foreword: “Never before in human history have so few owned so much. Never before in human history has there been such income and wealth inequality. Never before in history have we had such huge concentrations of ownership. Never before in history have we seen a billionaire class with so much political power. And never before have we seen this unprecedented level of greed, arrogance and irresponsibility on the part of the ruling class.” According Oxfam the increasing concentration of corporate power is one of the major drivers of greater inequality. Private companies reward the shareholders and not the employees. Abusing tax routes to avoid taxes. Pushing privatization of public facilities. And they pollute disproportionately.

Source: Oxfam/Favas.net
Image: Favas.net

Download ‘INEQUALITY INC here.