Tangram boosts creativity and empowerment

Tangram could be used as a tool for creative thinking and design in all kinds of knowledge domains. This month, Favas.net started an experiment to apply Tangram for assignments in the built environment, such as housing, public space design and urban planning, since Tangram is a fascinating puzzle rather than a pragmatic tool. However, in education, design and planning processes both can be combined. Students, stakeholders and other participants can express their creativity by assembling the seven flat, so-called tans, from which the puzzle/tool is composed. The shapes can be quite a challenge to put together. In our application, Tangram can form a stimulating mental exercise that strengthens empowerment. To be continued …

Source: Favas.net
Images: Favas.net

Fava uses the colourful Tangram set manufactured by Erzgebirgische Holzspielwaren, Ebert GmbH, Olbernhau, Germany.