The need for Citizen Participation

Though not actual news, still want to underline the importance of citizen participation. In short: our societies require involved citizens on all levels of decision-making. A recent report of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions explores trends in deliberative practices, identifies different models, and analyses the trade-offs among different design choices as well as the benefits and limits of public deliberation. In representative deliberative processes a selected group of representative people from a community are spending significant time learning and collaborating through facilitated deliberation to form collective recommendations for policy makers. The proof of the pudding is the necessary impact of those recommendations. So far, representative deliberative processes have been used frequently in Fava-like issues such as urban/strategic planning, infrastructure and environment, but also in health, citizen engagement, and public services.

Source: / OECD

Full report:
OECD (2020), Innovative Citizen Participation and New Democratic Institutions: Catching the Deliberative Wave, OECD Publishing, Paris,

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