Safety and service

Showcase for Dutch Rail Sector

Responsive and emphatic human presence (e.g. conductors on the train) are key for creating high levels of safety and service in stations and railway environments. compiled the showcase ‘Safety & Service’ for Dutch Rail Sector (closed October 2021). Please use this link for full access to this showcase.


Some impressions of various situations in and around trains and stations
(Selfies and Cupcake image courtesy

Checklist safety and service

‘Hardware’ (technology, design, architecture, urban planning):
– High quality stations, trains and facilities,
– Gates and CCTV (at many stations),
– Public Transport Smart Card (national system; see showcase).
‘Software’ (ideas, principles, concepts):
– CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design,
– Educational packages,
– Checklists personal safety,
– Precedents safety and service.
‘Orgware’ (institutional context, organisations, actors, agents):
– Laws and rules (e.g. conductors are also ‘special investigating officers’, BOA),
– User-orientation, customer satisfaction monitoring (e.g. OV Barometer),
– Organisation and co-operation (e.g. with police). likes to present ‘Bram’

“I’m Bram …” (Benikbram.nlDutch only) is the name of the blog of Senior Conductor Bram (Groningen, Netherlands) who triggers all that is needed for safety and service. His blog clearly proves his professional, responsive and emphatic attitude. We love his interviews, like the one with Marjan (August 2015). She prepared cupcakes for train crews and other railway staff. Bram interviewed her when she was distributing her cupcakes at a station. She explained that she wanted to make a nice gesture because all railway employees do a great job, despite the risk being accused, threatened and even become victim of violence. “They deserve something sweet”.