Cycling Mama Agatha received certificate

Agartha Frimpong, nicknamed Mama Agatha, is a Ghanaian woman who runs a bicycle training program for migrant and refugee women in Amsterdam Southeast (Netherlands). Saturday June 22 (2019) she organized the first Bicycle Festival in Southeast.

Rob van der Bijl ( thanked her on behalf of the Dutch Cycling Embassy. He underlined her efforts over the past 10 years with an official certificate (and a nice present). He also praised her contribution to social integration through her cycling lessons. “The DCE does a lot about technical subjects and spatial integration of bicycles, but social inclusion is just as important,” he said, “especially in a precinct like Southeast.”



Amsterdam offers a set of already tested measures to succeed in obtaining higher levels of cycling . Bicycle and pedestrian friendly streets, a range of traffic calming measures, better integration of bicycle infrastructure and public transport, reaching to and training of the immigrants, comprehensive traffic education and cycling training (e.g. Mama Agatha), and a wide range of promotion schemes are key to the success of cycling in Amsterdam.


Images: Shelly Bontje, Marek Jancovic

During the Bicycle Festival, the previously made documentary (by Marek Jancovic) about Mama Agatha was shown, which can be viewed at YouTube.

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