Reliable information for everyone supports Free Press Unlimited. This wonderful organisation is making reliable information available to everyone. In the ideal world of Free Press Unlimited everyone has access to independent, reliable and timely information. To make this possible, Free Press Unlimited supports media and journalists worldwide. Free Press Unlimited’s vision is short and to the point: People deserve to know. All over the world. Free Press Unlimited is active all over the world, working together with many different partners. Free Press Unlimited also organises campaigns and events to draw attention to press freedom, reliable information, and independent journalism.

Free Press

Free Press Unlimited works on six themes to achieve her mission: making reliable information available to everyone.

  1. Safety of journalists

Safety is a basic need for independent media. Journalists who are subjected to personal threats or obstructed by laws or censorship cannot fulfil their crucial role as a source of objective, unbiased information. That is why Free Press Unlimited assigns top priority to creating safe working conditions for journalists.

  1. Equality and inclusion

Free Press Unlimited believes equal representation in and through the media is essential in achieving our long-term goal: for journalists to function as change agents and to contribute to a diverse and professional media landscape.

  1. Journalism and accountability

The media fostering accountability is about the purpose of good journalism: building a society in which the powerful are accountable to the public, where relevant information is shared and explained, where there is space for democratic initiative and where citizens can exchange opinions fairly. This is promoted through an independent and diverse media landscape, with quality journalism adhering to ethical standards.

  1. Media viability

Independent media around the world are struggling to continue their existence and remain independent. The theme ‘Media viability’ refers to all factors that influence the durable existence of independent media outlets.

  1. Media and conflict

There are many countries in the world where media organisations have to operate in a conflict situation. It is essential that they can continue to do their job as the media can play an important role in conflict resolution.

  1. Enabling environment

An enabling environment is essential for independent media and journalists to function as the fourth estate in society serving the interest of the public.

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This page is compiled with texts retrieved from the Free Press Unlimited website (August 26, 2021).