Fava in short

What is Fava?

Favas.net (in short ‘Fava’) is an association powered by independent professionals who provide solutions for spatial planning and social empowerment.
Fava works for communities, municipalities and NGOs in need of:
– Co-planning and design in bridging between involved parties.
– Identifying spatial planning targets.
– Integration of social, economic, ecologic and spatial interventions.
– Mapping decision making.
– Reframing planning process.

– Delivering propositions on urban and architectural design, mobility and sustainability.
Fava creates solutions that stimulate social empowerment. Our Tools are free! See our video ‘The City is Home’ here…

Fava’s Principles

1. Natural Growth
Fava is inspired by natural growth. This is our main principle mirrored in the general idea of Biomimicry. Biomimicry is the examination of nature, its models, systems, processes, and elements to emulate or take inspiration from in order to solve human problems, such as sustainable urban design and mobility.

2. Heuristic Approach
Fava values an heuristic approach. Heuristic methods are used to speed up the process of finding an appropriate solution, where an exhaustive search is impractical. We don’t underestimate the strength of rational thinking and top down planning and design, but we believe that where asked for, the heuristic approach should get priority. Solutions are around the next corner!

3. Innovative Thinking
Fava professionals not only support innovative thinking but think straight out of the box. Sustainable and durable solutions need knowledge and skills beyond traditional and main stream discourse. When necessary perspectives should be shifted and horizons surpassed.

4. Communities & Local Networks
Fava supports local communities & existing networks. We think and act upon a true understanding of the involved communities as well as local networks at stake. No real solutions without the people and users involved.

5. Social Empowerment

Fava creates solutions that stimulate social empowerment. Fava solves problems and faces challenges that ultimately are meant to enhance the socio-economic power of the people involved by taking into account their own life, culture and skills.


The Fava-method reflects our principles and our experience with inquiry based design. Inquiry based design is a work method, enhancing (spatial) design as a development tool instead of a blueprint. In this bottom-up approach, we tend to focus on the involved users, while at the same time utilize our own expertise and other relevant knowledge. We believe the solution isn’t hidden in a top down produced Master Plan or fancy design. On the contrary, we find our solutions ‘around the corner’, locally, bridging between people, profit and planet.

Our method entails five steps. Each step has a value on its own. The sequence of steps can be used in a chronological order. However, when necessary we utilize the steps in a different order. Every step is always repeatable, as is the entire sequence, and is always tailor-made.

Step 1 – Inquiring
Tracking down local characteristics
In-depth analyses
Spatio-economic scan
Desktop research

Step 2 –Targeting
Rethinking & defining targets
Elaborating aims
Selecting appropriate (design) tools

Step 3 – Testing
Heuristic searches
Field prospections
Strategic (co-)design studios
Testing ideas & evaluating effects

Step 4 – Elaborating Solutions
Design, implementation & action plans
Refurbishing conditions
Making Propositions Appealing

Step 5 – Reframing
Evaluation of solutions
New and adapted propositions
Timetable for implementation and new steps