The history of La Grande Borne

Recently had a meeting with Mayor Philippe Rio of Grigny (Paris, Île de France), the municipality of La Grande Borne our ongoing case study. The theme of the meeting was social rehabilitation of suburbs. Mayor Rio told us that he grew up in La Grande Borne and we understood that since 2012 he has performed his duties in a passionate way. He explained to us the history of his Cité. La Grande Borne and Grigny 2 (the other housing project from the early 1970s in his municipality) were undemocratically imposed by the national government. For years there was a lack of required amenities. Soon more news about this case on this page.


Mayor Philippe Rio is explaining the history of his Cité. Grigny, June 1, 2023

The meeting was organized by Rob van der Bijl ( and Geert Kloppenburg commissioned by the City of Amsterdam (Netherlands).